A Jobs Ambassador for Ireland

Martin McGuinness outlines his ambition and vision for the role of the Presidency if elected:

The greatest impediment to economic recovery in Ireland is the jobs crisis.  Each President reinvents the office. I would like to be the jobs President.  I want to open the doors for business, both from abroad and indigenous.  We need a strategy to grow and build an economy that delivers for all. As President, as the Ambassador for Ireland abroad I would see this as a primary part of my Presidency.

The president can play a role by shining a light on the issue of employment and being an ambassador for our country in attracting investment from other nations. I’ve a proven track record in attracting jobs and  investment to the north of Ireland.

If elected, I am the president who can get on the phone and get on a plane and have access to almost any boardroom of any company across the world. I can work with the government of the day to ensure that the exceptional qualities that we as Irish people have to offer businesses are represented.  I pledge to do the following as President:

  • A world-wide campaign to attract investment to Irish shores
  • To support Irish domestic industry, through selling the Irish brand abroad and by promoting indigenous industry at home
  • To support all political parties, unions and business efforts to implement a jobs stimulus programme for Ireland
  • Champion innovation and entrepreneurship in Áras an Uachtarán by regularly showcasing young and inventive Irish talent at trade and other events
  • Lead the debate on an all-Ireland economy
  • Our nation is competing with itself for investment and business and duplication of services means unnecessary waste. It’s time to lift the artificial barrier to economic development.